Our Refreshments Menu

Tea and Coffee Refreshments

We do lovely refreshments too…

Here at Bella Ceramics, in Weymouth, we offer a range of refreshments to keep you going. We try to keep our refreshments as competitively priced as we can so we can pass on the savings to you!

Below is our current menu, however this maybe subject to change depending on stock levels and other factors.

These prices are set as a guideline only** 

– Coffee & Hot Drinks –

All our coffee comes from Rave Coffee™

Our drinks can be prepared using semi-skimmed milk, ask one of the team when you order

Latte – Double espresso shot mixed with silky smooth whole milk £2.20
Cappuccino – Double espresso shot mixed with frothy whole milk £2.20
Americano – Double espresso shot mixed with hot water and whole milk £2.00
Mocha –Double espresso mixed with frothy hot chocolate made with whole milk £2.40
Hot Chocolate – Velvet hot chocolate made with whole milk £1.80

– Loose Leaf Tea –

All our loose leaf tea is supplied by The Gilded Teapot™

  Tea for One Tea for Two
Dorset Brew – Rich blend of Assam, Ceylon and Sumatran. Ideal for those with a taste for the strong brew £2.00 £3.00
Earl Grey Supreme – Superb high grade Ceylon tea, for those who like a deep flavor with a floral aftertaste. £2.10 £3.10
Gunpowder – Slightly Stronger than most green teas, Gunpowder is soft yet with a deep flavor £2.10 £3.10
Mao Feng Green Tea – Highly aromatic, tender and soft in taste. A refreshing infusion with lingering tastes of sweet chestnut £2.10 £3.10
Rooibos – A sweet and nutty infusion made from dried aspalathus linearis shrubs. This tea gives a deep red liquor taste and a honey finish.   Rooibos tea is naturally caffeine free £2.10 £3.10
Classic Chai – A classic chai tea from India made from an enticing blend of cinnamon, cloves, ginger, black pepper, chicory root and cardamom mixed with a base of assam leaf £2.10 £3.10

– Bagged Tea –

Supplied by Dorset Tea™ and Twinings™

  Tea for One Tea for Two
Dorset Tea – The classic Dorset Tea £1.90 £2.90
Dorset Tea Decaffeinated – The classic Dorset Tea without the caffeine £1.90 £2.90
Dorset Tea Infusions – A choice of Strawberries & Cream or Wild About Mint. £1.70  
Twinings Infusions – A choice between calming Chamomile and revitalizing Lemon and Ginger £1.70  

– Snacks–

Assorted Muffins – A choice between Belgian Chocolate, Blueberry or Lemon & Poppy Seed £1.65
Border Biscuits – A range or border biscuits including Golden Oat Crumble, Viennese Whirl, Chocolate Chip Shortbread and Chocolaty Cookies £0.60
Margaret’s Country Kitchen Raspberry Linzer – A large, soft biscuit filled with raspberry jam £1.50
Millionaire Shortbread – All butter shortbread covered in a layer of caramel and topped with milk chocolate £1.20
Oreo Biscuits – A Pack of two Oreo biscuits £0.60
Tunoc’s Chocolate Marshmallows – Tunoc’s biscuit and mallow covered in milk chocolate £0.60
Walkers Crisps – A selection of walkers crisps including Ready Salted, Salt & Vinegar, Smokey Bacon, Prawn Cocktail, Roast Chicken and Cheese & Onion £0.60

– Cold Drinks –

Coke – 500ml bottles available in Original, Diet, Zero and Life £1.80
Cherry Coke – 500ml bottles of Coke with a hint of cherry £1.80
Vanilla Coke – 500ml bottles of Coke with a hint of vanilla £1.80
Dr. Pepper – 500ml bottles of Dr. Pepper flavour fizzy drink available with Zero sugar too £1.80
Fanta – 500ml bottles of sparkling orange flavoured drink available with Zero sugar too £1.80
Sprite – 500ml bottles of lemon-lime flavoured fizzy drink. available with Zero sugar too £1.80
Capri Sun – 200ml pouches of orange flavoured drink £0.75
Oasis – 500ml bottles of still Oasis drink available in Citrus Punch and Blackcurrant Apple £1.80
Milk – A Mug of cold semi-skimmed or whole milk £0.80
Smart Water – 600ml Bottles of ‘cloud’ inspired still water £1.00
Carbonated Water – 500ml bottles of sparkling mineral water £1.00