Evening Classes:

We will be offering various adults only evening sessions, some activities are also suitable for teens or older kids. Silk-screen printing onto ceramics is a beautiful technique that can be taught, giving amazingly detailed designs to create stunning pieces.

Why not book your special event party a session at Bella’s?

The Hen Party pottery painting party for adults!

Choose from our selection of pottery items. Coffee mug, tea mug, dinner plate, cereal bowl, ice-cream dish, butter Dish, heart trinket dish or spoon rest.

Your session will include 2 hours pottery painting time and is available from £7.50 per person and the Item(s) you paint.

  • Minimum group size of 8 adults
  • Painting hints, tips and inspirational help will be given by Jo and Faith, our friendly staff

Additional extras:

Soft drinks available to buy from our café, or bring along your own for only a £2.50 corkage charge.

How about a large plate to decorate as a group, which we will finish off for you with beautiful script writing to celebrate the event!

We can also provide bowls of crisps £1.50 each, a plate of biscuits £1.50 or pick and mix sweets £4.50.

Awesome Stuff! Lets Book It Now